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The pottery in the gallery was created using two methods:
Fuming method:
The pots are thrown on a wheel and trimmed when leather hard. At this point they are usually burnished with a metal rib. Some are burnished with a stone if there are areas that can't be reached with a rib.

Once the pots are bone dry, 3 or 4 thin layers of white Terra Siggillatta are brushed on and buffed with an old T-shirt to a high sheen. After Bisque firing, the pots are sprayed with a diluted Ferric Chloride solution.

The pots are fired in an enclosed atmosphere like a saggar with salt and combustibles (sawdust, hay, copper wire, aluminium foil, Spanish moss, etc.). It's important to remember that in an enclosed container, too much combustible will lead to an entirely black pot.

They are taken up to approximately 1500 degree Fahrenheit in a raku kiln.

Pit Firing:
The pots are created using the same method, and the surface is treated the same, however, the final firing is done by digging a pit and stacking the pots close together in a nest of sawdust, copper carbonate and salt. The grouping of pots are covered with dry cow dung(to insulate the pots and help prevent breakage) and then with wood. The wood is lit and the firing takes on a life of it's own. After the pots are cool they can be brushed off and sealed. Some pots come out great, and then there are others. This process leaves you very much at the mercy of the firing, but with results you couldn't have planned.

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